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Your Image, does it matter?

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

In a sense.. of course yet also your image to you could be fire, yet to someone else could be ehhh…which opinion matters most?

Does your image just go by what people see on the external or is it also about how you carry yourself internally and exude externally?

Do you alter your image to appease a certain crowd? Or do you just keep it all how your you wants to be presented?

Are we wrong for sticking to what we know and love for ourselves? Do we all alter our image to appease certain audiences or are you being your authentic self ANY and EVERYtime you step?

Idk ..think about it and drop some comments.

Have you felt like this was/has been a dilemma at times? Or are you the type to flow how you flow and its like if you rockin wit me, we rockin. If you not, well… lol

Share your thoughts , experiences, opinions on your image as an artist. All.

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Love this post ! I think at a point in time we all may fall to shifting our image to appease the crowd we want to draw in or community that we want to be involved in. How you go about it could have a positive or negative effect on you and how you personally feel about yourself. I’m in the space now where I move how I feel. If you feel me then we connected, if not then that’s okay, go where you feel you will flow


Okayyy ! As Artists we automatically care about our image and how people view us, what people think about us, if we show ourselves this way will we lose supporters, etc. I personally don’t think anyone should change their image if it ultimately doesn’t make them happy. Okay you have 10K followers but you’re miserable keeping up a persona that doesn’t match your soul. 🤷🏽‍♀️ It can be a difficult situation when you have no self awareness. Now if you change up your image and it’s still true to who you are, I think people will always gravitate towards authentic energy. We can tell when it’s not real

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