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Who We Are

"Sometimes it takes an Artist to help an Artist"

Tony Aye Artistry Foundation Inc. was created on October 15, 2021 with a single mission: 

To ensure ALL Independent Artists are S.A.F.E.: 





By the resources we provide to ensure an impactful and fulfilling career.

Born out of the impact of the pandemic, our founder Anthony Avery's wanted to equip both Independent and Aspiring Artists with the same tools,resources,empathy and understanding that helped him, and others like him, find success when navigating the harsh world of the music industry. T.A.A. is committed to helping all Artists realize their career goals without compromising their art or selling away their morals.


Whether a full time Artist looking to take their career to the next level or the local artist who is looking for extra polish and support for their part-time hobby. We believe all art is valid, should be celebrated and is deserving of a platform. We also believe that no artist got where they are without genuine help, guidance, and support from their community in addition to their professional industry . We are committed to helping Artists grow in their own special way. You set your own pace and we'll make sure you stay on track with a dedicated team of representatives and team members who prioritize you.

Tony Aye Artistry also works with artists, labels, studios and other vendors/businesses to offer quality services at amazing rates. Are you ready to set your Art and Brand on the path to success? Do you need help launching an event in your community or simply looking for a platform for underserved and underrepresented Artists. Tony Aye Artistry is here to help give us a call today and see what we can do for you!

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About: About
Tony Aye!

Executive Director/Founder

Anthony Avery (Tony Aye!)

Our Valued Partners

Tony Aye Artistry has many valued partners including Labels, Recording Studios, Graphic Designers, and more who work with us to provide amazing discounts, programs, and exclusive benefits to our Artists. Interested in becoming a partner or being added to our Artist Service Directory contact us today at

Sign up for one of our paid Membership Tiers to access our full Music Directory which includes discounts, referral codes and more!

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