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Ya Feedback MATTERS!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

As we most know behind the scenes in the industry "they" dont always play fair!! They dont always keep your best interest at heart!

-Your opinion about Your art doesn't always get taken into account once they see THEIR vision of you


-Strict contracts; as if you're slaving for your ultimate reality

-There's inequality

-In those contacts you could be signing your life away; according to music there's such a thing called "The 360 Degree Agreement" (Source:
Download PNG • 9KB

-Some have the utmost audacity to take revenue out of your pocket or short change you while YOU are THEE artist. Meaning you do the dirty work while they reap the huge benefit

-And there's much more (drop more in the comments)

TonyAyeArtistry is #wheretheartistscomesFIRST !

Share some experiences/difficulties/even successes you may have had on the rise to furthering your career.

Here at TonyAyeArtistry we aim to keep YOUR vision just what it is with assisting you along your way.

What better ways can we help you? (Refer to TAP TAP TAP in! Blog Post as well)

Will i be hearing from you? Yeah , i should be :-)

Stay beautiful.

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1 Comment

Tony Avery
Tony Avery
Aug 09, 2022

I have definitely experienced this currently in a legal process to obtain the rights to some of my music now. That’s why I love what we have educating the artist so they aren’t taken advantage of.

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