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Become A Member

Let us help you to cultivate your career, your way!

When you become a member with Tony Aye Artistry Foundation Inc. you are gaining a support system, a tribe, a professional network and so much more! Whether you are just starting or have been working as an indie artist our memberships provide you with a package of resources and tool to be successful. To help , you will be assigned an Artist Representative who is focused on creating a plan and being an advisor for you in your music. 

Artist Representatives

At Tony Aye Artistry all of our Artist Members get assigned a dedicated Artist Representative this individual will be an advisor and personal support to the Artist assisting with selecting services, creating strategies for your career, connecting you to resources and more! Your success is our business. Sign up for any of our membership and meet your personal Artist Representative. 

Membership Plans: PaidPlans
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TAA Membership Promo Flyer.png

Choose your pricing plan

  • TAA Breakout Artist

    Every month
    Our starter basic plan for brand new artists just starting
     30 day free trial
    • All benefits of the free site membership
    • Business Director for Artist Services & Partner Discounts
    • One Artist Development Workshop(Group)
    • One Sponsored Campaign Promotion
    • Complimentary Artist Electronic Press-Kit
    • Two Hours of Pre-Production Support
    • Access to more site exclusives,groups and discounts
  • T.A.A. Rising Artist

    Every month
    Everything you need to have a solid support for your career
     30 day free trial
    • All items in the Break Out Member plan
    • Social Media Development & Launch Services(2 Platforms)
    • Four Hours Project/Event Planning Service Support
    • Two Hours Creative Art Development
    • Four Hours Talent Representation/Consultation
    • Performance inclusion in one Tony Aye! Artistry Event.
    • 15% Discount on all Tony Aye! Artistry Services & Bookings
    • Reverbnation Artist Account Creation
    • Streaming Platform Artist Page Support
    • 30 minute photo consultation and make-up tutorial
    • Discounted mini-shoot(must pay for edits)
  • AYE-List Artist

    Every month
    The Premier Support Package For Serious/Experienced Artists
     30 day free trial
    • All Items In Rising Artist Package(With Upgrades)
    • Reverbnation Artist Account Creation & Management
    • Demo Creation for 1 Project(8 Songs Max)
    • 1 Sponsored single release(Production,Curation,Distribution)
    • Managed curation account with Groover
    • Priority T.A.A. Scheduling & Services
    • Dedicated Artist Rep/Consultant
    • Unlimited Artist Consultation Services
    • Up to Twelve Hours of Songwriting/Music Arranging
    • Premium Account Recording Service(via Soundtrap)
    • Ulimited Mixing and Mastering Services(via E-Mastered)
    • Streaming Platform Artist Page Management/Monitoring
    • 1-Hour Photo Shoot
    • Welcome "AYE" List Swag Gift Set
    • 25% off all services and bookings
  • T.A.A.F. Employee Membership

    This Membership is exclusively for Tony Aye Artistry Volunteer Staff and Board Members only.
    Free Plan
    • All Employee Access
  • TAA Free Artist

    Are you an Independent Artist gain access to our general network and benefits for FREE!
    Free Plan
    • Monthly Newsletter(Online)
    • Access to our Members only Group
    • Access to our Indie Music Resource Directory
    • Member Profile where you can share links/etc. to your music
    • Unlimited Free Consultations
    • Member Perks, Benefits, and Performance Opportunity
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