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Creating Process Be Like..

So tell me,

What does your creative process look like?

Where do you typically start or do the ideas just flow as you go?

What inspires you to create more?

As a writer/someone who does music what fuels you?

As a painter/designer/cook etc , is it when you see certain things your creativity sparks and you go on a tandrum?

What inspires you?

I personally can say I’m inspired by all things around me. People, places, and things. I create whenever i; for one have that good energy, right? A lot of the times (because see i do hair; thats an art in and of itself to say the least) I may see a design and i do my own thing or i literally jus think as i go and my hands jus do it lol

And not just hair, with cooking or painting or writing a song it’s a certain rhythm i gotta feel to complete any task…

Idk, what’s some challenges we face during our creative process? Because we all have been there a time or two or many ha

Here are 20 ways to help with such:

Drop some comments on your everyone’ experiences. Whats helped You?

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