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Updated: Aug 22, 2022

So as we know , local artist don’t always get support as they ought to.

I’ve thought of ways of how i can support artists on a day to day.

Here’s two i know you can do:

•take a couple minutes playing their song for 30+secs and replaying that same song a couple times for a couple mins

(Did you know)?***it counts as a play/view when you’ve viewed their video or played their song for 30secs+

Tips: put your volume low/turn it all the way down if you know you gon get tired of hearing the same thing over and over👌🏾😊

*let the song replay or pay attention and start it over after 30+ secs pass, let the video play back to back or pay attention the same and run it back after 30+secs pass

Download the song!

I’ve learned that downloading a song on Apple Music gives the artist $7 in revenue. So if my friend tells me about their friend who has music, i go download it; whether I’m gon listen continuously or not, i know my download counted for something, ya know?

That’s all we want right, is support?

Especially genuine support

What are ways you think/know could help artists see that they’re supported?

Drop some suggestions in the comments or even ways as THEE artist you’d like to see some support.

Let’s build.💪🏾

Let’s grow.☘️

***link your music in the comments, i wanna hear ☺️

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1 Comment

Tony Avery
Tony Avery
Aug 16, 2022

Yes!!! Love this so much it doesn’t take as much as people think

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