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Recently #TheCityGirls reached out to #NickiMinaj team wanting to work with her. But of course Nicki declined. Too many tweets and video from past posted by JT and Miami dissing Nicki. Nicki did an interview recently and was asked why she won't work with The City girls. Her reply: "why would I work with someone who doesn't like me?? I mean I can see if they dissed me 1 time on some petty shyt but it was multiple posts of them dissing me and expressing how much they don't like me. So no, I'm not working with them" -NickiMinaj. It's funny how people will hop on the hate train and then turn around and wanna be ya biggest fans and get clout off of you. The longevity and pull Nicki has in the hip-hop world, TheCityGirls will never make it half as far as she has gone.


This group host our local Rappers and MC's. We will have pos...


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